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What is Slackintosh?
Slackintosh is a port of Slackware GNU/Linux to PowerPC (Macintosh) computers.
Do not send bugreports to Patrick Volkerding, this is not an official port!.
Slackintosh does not work on Intel-Macs. Slackintosh is a PPC distribution.

What do i need to run Slackintosh?
You'll need a New-World Macintosh.
Slackintosh 10.1 was tested (and compiled ;-) ) on an iBook2 (G3 - 600mhz) & a Mac Mini.

Where can i download the sources?
Here and here

Can i replace KDE with GNOME?
Thorsten Johannvorderbrueggen ported Freerock Gnome to Slackintosh.
You can download his pre-built packages from

Note: FreerockGnome replaces some libs with different versions, it shouldn't be a big problem but you've been warned!

Note2: Nautilus (File Manager) may fail to display icons after the installation. This is easy to fix: Go to the preferences and select an 'icon-theme'

What about Java 1.4 for PPC?
Java? This platform independent thing? Well.. Sun doesn't provide any binaries for PPC-Linux :-p

You could try GNU-Classpath (Slackintosh includes gcj).

In the worst case: Try IBM-Java (Based on SUNs source?!)

  1. Go to, create a new account, sign-in and download the RPM (IBM SDK for 32-bit iSeries/pSeries)
  2. run 'rpm2tgz' and install the package
  3. Run the java-binary.. If it crashes, you may have to set 'JITC_PROCESSOR_TYPE'... 'export JITC_PROCESSOR_TYPE=6' worked fine for me

Created by Slack-O-Matic @ Sat Jun 7 20:31:52 GMT 2008